Why Marled Yarn?

Bring Marled Back


If you don’t know, I started Fully Spun 5 years ago in an effort to create yarn that looks handspun, but is actually made at a mill and therefore more accessible than true handspun yarn. The yarn I created has multiple colors in each strand, and when made into a fabric creates striping gradients and an incredibly dynamic finished look. Check out this video to find out why the marled yarn means so much to me! Later this month, I will be hosting a Kickstarter to raise funds to bring this yarn back into the shop.

I am currently planning on stocking a 3-ply fingering weight base initially via the Kickstarter with a 2-ply DK weight base to come later. I will start with 4 of the existing colorways, 4 pride colorways, and 4 completely new colorways. If the Kickstarter reaches stretch goals there will be more colorways available. Sign up for the email list to be first to know when it's up!

Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Brooke and I am the owner and Dyer behind Fully Spun. I've been obsessed with handspun yarn ever since I discovered it. It's actually what prompted me to learn how to dye wool so that I could dye roving in fun colors for myself to work and play with. To this day, some of the proj- projects I created from my handspun yarn are my most fondest crafting memories and are definitely items that I wore with pride simply because I had created it myself. Of course, if you're a hand spinner or have looked into it before, you know that hand spinning takes a lot of time and resources, including the actual equipment for spinning, which can be really expensive. When I was thinking about starting a yarn dying business, I wanted to create a yarn that looked like handspun, but was dyed by me and spun at a mill so that it would be less cost prohibitive. And there would plenty of your yarn for everybody to enjoy. After months of research, I was able to find a mill to work with me who could create a beautiful yarn, and I perfected the method of dying roving so that it looked like the yarn was fractally handspun. The added benefit is that this yarn creates such a beautiful mix of colors where every single color in the palette works with every other color that it has taken that initial intention and had it grow into something even bigger.

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