We Did It!

Bring Marled Back

We did it! Thank you to all of you who have supported and backed the Kickstarter so far! We just crossed the goal threshold yesterday evening. Keep reading to see what's next and for some peeks at what we're creating. If you haven't backed yet, there is still time! The kickstarter ends on 10/29 at 1:55 ET.
Join the make-alongs!
Now through Dec 31 I'll be hosting two make-alongs! You can join in via Discord.
The first is the Fully Spun OG MAL. This is for those of you who already have our marled yarn! The second is the Pride 2021 MAL. The only requirement here is that you have yarn or roving from our Pride Collection!
WIPS and new projects are welcome for both. Come join us to chat and participate in watch parties and craft nights!

Kickstarter Update

So we've met the goal, now what? The Kickstarter campaign will be open until 10/29 and you can still pledge up until that point. There is a maximum for what I can provide in the timeline, but we aren't close to that point.

There are a number of updates that will be rolling out over the month. The first is an update on some of the colorway selections!

The Original Colorways

Four of the 12 colorways available are from the original collection of Fully Spun colorways. I've selected Orion, The Blue Hole, Brunch, and Kente. I will bring back others over time, but this is your opportunity to get these. Due to the quantities in which I have to create them, I won't repeat colorways frequently.

Kickstarter Exclusive Colorway

I dyed roving options live based on the photos Darci sent me to use as inspiration. I love the heavy emphasis on joy found via travel and exploration. Check out Darci's IG stories to vote between her two favorites!

What happens with funds beyond the goal?

We've passed the goal, but what happens with the extra funds raised? Most of each pledge goes toward the cost for that reward. The pledges up to the goal are completely going toward marled yarn production and the other non-yarn rewards. I am not going to create a stretch goal, but I will use the funds raised above the goal to help me get to Stitches West and to help move Fully Spun out of my kitchen and into a studio.

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