New in the Shop - Week of 10/24

In Stock

Flamingo in the Yard is inspired by the beautiful plumage of a flamingo. An old friend who was obsessed with any flamingo decor inspired this colorway. We have plenty in stock in Fingering weight.

POC Inclusive Pride is a brilliant colorway full of tiny rainbows. The black and brown speckles help create a mottled fabric that transforms the rainbows into a sophisticated fabric. We have added stock of this colorway in both Fingering and Aran weight.

Orion is everyone's favorite nebula inspired colorway. Obsessing over space and its possibilities is a favorite pastime. This colorway is sure to transport you while you are crafting with it! We've added a few in Fingering weight to the shop.

Majestic is a fun colorway full of bright bold unicorn-style rainbows. The variety of dye application style and breaks in the dye help create a beautiful eye catching fabric. We have this colorway available in Fingering and Aran weights.

Under the Desert Sun is a fun flourescent purple-pink that will have periodic spots of dark purple to black. This is the perfect accompaniment to many colorways and also stands well on its own. We have this colorway available in Fingering weight.

Good Navy is my favorite neutral, a deep inky blue that is perfect to pair with any colorway. We have added some in Fingering weight and they will be coming soon in Aran weight.

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