Kickstarter is Live!

It has been a journey to get here, but I'm excited to announce the launch of the Kickstarter to Bring Marled Yarn Back! Your early support means everything to the success of this campaign! You can check out the campaign here .

Wondering what marled yarn is, or why I'm doing a Kickstarter? You can check out my blog posts here where I talk more about it! I also have an Instagram highlight where there are lots of photos and I break down exactly what marled yarn is.

Fully Spun Characters

The most exciting part about a Kickstarter, apart from supporting your favorite creator, is the rewards! It has been fun for me to brainstorm them, and there is something available for everybody even if they aren't a crafter themselves. Share the Kickstarter with people you care about, there is something for them too! All rewards will ship in mid-April 2022.

If you are a Fully Spun OG, then you're definitely familiar with some of our most popular marled colorways. I had one of my closest friends create characters inspired by these colorways. These will be available as enamel pins, on mugs, and on bags. There will also be a new Brooke pin that I think embodies me to a T. These will be available as individual rewards and as add-ons to reward levels that include yarn.

Check out some of the yarn and roving we have in the shop or check out this video that talks about our 100% American Merino DK weight base. It is the floofiest yarn you'll ever see and my favorite base in stock right now!


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