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We've got just a few hours left before the Kickstarter ends! Thank you to all of you who have pledged. I appreciate your support and trust! If you haven't pledged yet, this is your last chance to guarantee you'll get these colorways. Due to the quantities I have to order each colorway in, I don't see myself having new stock of the individual colorways more than once a year. Keep reading to see what some of them are!

Today I've got some colorway updates for you! Drumroll please...

Good Vibes as roving and Darci's singles

Introducing the Kickstarter Exclusive colorway, Good Vibes! As usual, the exclusive colorways come out the best. I'm already in love with this colorway! Above is a picture of the roving and Darci's singles. Check out my Instagram story highlight to see how Darci's yarn turned out once plied. If you didn't already select this colorway as part of your pledge, you will have one more chance to add it and the other add-on items via Backerkit during the survey stage of the project. You can get this colorway as roving or yarn via the Kickstarter.

I've also selected some of the palettes for the other colorways, and I've decided to add 2 colorways to the 13 for a total of 15 colorways coming back. I just couldn't narrow the Pride colorways down to only four. Keep in mind that these images are of the roving before spinning, and the yarn will look quite a bit different depending on which of the palette colors I choose as the 'primary' color. This color will set the tone for the whole skein of yarn and be present through the whole skein.

For example, below is an image of The Blue Hole as roving, the original colorway with aqua as the primary color, and the REMIX colorway with peach as the primary color.

The Blue Hole as roving, the original colorway, and the REMIX

And here I'm wearing a finished object with the original on the left, and the REMIX on the right.

Brooke wearing the original Blue Hole on the left and the REMIX on the right

Now onto the colorways. For reference, I've included the original four that were announced in a previous update. I still have to decide what the other three new colorways will be, but fell in love with one of the colorways I dyed as an option for the Kickstarter exclusive colorway.

Orion, The Blue Hole, Brunch, and KentePOC Inclusive Pride, Genderqueer Pride, Transgender Pride, and Community Lesbian Pride

Bisexual Pride, Non-binary Pride, and Good Vibes

The new TBD colorways

So, what's next? Kickstarter will collect the pledges once the campaign closes this afternoon, and it will take a few weeks before they get to me and I can start working on dyeing the yarn. In the interim, I will do a couple more live dyeing sessions on my Instagram, and continue to update you on how that is coming along. Between now and then I'll also be dyeing more yarn and roving, so stay tuned for those updates!




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