Designed with Fully Spun - Resfeber Socks

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The first in our series highlighting patterns designed with Fully Spun is the Resfeber Socks pattern by Mina Philipp of Knitting Expat designs. This was the first ever pattern designed with our yarn! 

closeup of foot of pair of blue socks

The word Resfeber is Swedish in origin and represents the restless race of the travelers heart before the journey begins which I felt was rather fitting for the first pattern kicking off the Wanderlust Sock Club!

The yarn colorway, The Blue Hole was inspired by the Great Blue Hole in Belize. It is a beautiful sinkhole with blues of multiple depths visible right next to each other. In creating the colorway, I wanted to highlight the varied blues with just a touch of white and peach to reflect the sand and wave crests. Mina's patterns are all well written with her own tailored heel construction for the perfect fit!

Great Blue Hole in Belize showing a dark blue sinkhole surrounded by rocky sandbars

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