About - Fully Spun

Hand-dyed, Mill-spun, Artist Created. Fully Spun yarn gives projects an effortless handspun look.

Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Brooke and I am the founder and designer of Fully Spun. I graduated from George Washington University in 2014 with a B.F.A. in Interior Design. I also work in the Northern Virginia area as an Interior Designer.

My goal is to create beautiful yarns, that mimic the beautiful color effect of handspun yarn. My product is rustic, yet high quality, and will help you create beautiful works of fiber art.

My Passion

#Welovecolor is not only an instagram tag. It also speaks to the reason why I am here, and why I have decided to share my creations with you through Fully Spun.

Fully Spun began to develop two-fold in college, both through my formal instruction, and my personal hobbies. I learned how to spin and dye wool, and discovered all of the amazing things I could create through that process.

All of my colorways are informed by the teachings of my Painting and Drawing professors. Their instruction was pivotal in my development as a designer.

The Process

Here at Fully Spun, I hand-dye wool roving. I then ship it to a mill, and wait anxiously for it to be returned to me as beautiful yarn.

This is what I sell, and what I hope you are able to enjoy as you craft. This yarn is perfect and intended for use by all fiber artists.

I dye all of my colorways to create a 'fractal' effect, a repeating, varied, color effect that repeats within itself, and creates that 'classic' handspun look. The PostScript line of yarn is dyed in a variety of traditional methods for an equally stunning color effect.

This also means that our skeins are sisters, not twins. The spinning process stretches the roving, meaning that the dominant color changes from skein to skein. This is part of the charm!